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The wrap-up to the whole week was the West Coast Music Awards, celebrating everything to do with West Coast Music (well, MGB and Nelly Furtado anyhow...). Not nearly as interesting as the Georgia Straight Awards earlier in the week, this event was tailored to be inoffensive to just about every demographic. What it wound up being was just another lacklustre awards show comme the Grammys. The set-up was obviously fretted over, very elaborate, and the silver award girls were a nice touch, but the best moments probably came during little technical glitches (such as the Puentes Brothers receiving their award to the tune of Nelly Furtado), or courtesy of Blair Dobson. Bless DSK for having brought us such fabulously entertaining people. Must be nice to have a friend who's willing to get up on stage to accept your 6,529th award of the night and stir up the crowd a bit. The performances were of easily-digestible music - talented mind you - nothing too loud or too soft or too anything. It was a well-produced, tepid event.

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