The Waifs and Circus Orange - Entertainment?

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Australia's The Waifs played us to the beginning of the awards, and after NMW bigwig John Donnelly's ribbon-cutting
speech, we were launched into probably the weirdest awards-show performance ever. Lawnmowers and stuffed
animals? Pyrotechnics? Super-heroes? Wow...Got comments? That's whats the guestbook is for.

The Waifs perform
They play a tight, sweet set
Pretty melodies
Even prettier faces
A good soundtrack
For the evening's schmooze
*POOM* Everyone in the room, wake up!!! Circus Orange is here
Fire juggling cannot possibly be safe in baggy suits, can it?
Baybee's on fi-yahhhhh...
More fire juggling...
And more fire juggling...
What the...?

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