Georgia Straight Readers' Choice Awards



Waifs and
Circus Orange

Chin, Zubot +
Dawson, Be Good Tanyas

Black Halos

Flash Bastard

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This awards show was an absolute blast. It was an amazing, light-hearted way to get everyone in the mood for three frantic days of NMW. Check out shots of high-flying local acts teaming up with incredible guest musicians. It was a definite who's who in the local rock scene. Richard's on Richard's was absolutely packed way ahead of time with people scarfing the free buffet, the on-the-house drinks, and checking out Australia's the Waifs who played a full set before the awards began. Colored by technical glitches and outspoken local rock wackos, a fun time was had by all. It was a great time to chat about upcoming NMW gigs, and just generally schmooze to your heart's content. Forget the industry stuff; this is for the people. This is where it's at.

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