May 10 - Peppersands and Rosco P Coltrane

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A couple shows at the Starfish Room. I learned later on that Marilyn Manson, slated to deliver the keynote
speech the following morning, was in attendance. I didn't see him, but that's pretty good news for these
bands that played that night. Got comments? That's whats the guestbook is for.

Peppersands played early in the evening
Fronted by Andrea, one of the coolest chicks in local music
and one of the most powerful
RPC headlined the show
Enigmatic Clayton sings for the band
As usual, they had people dancing at stagefront in no time
They had a shiny new drummer for the show
People descended on the stage with cheers and lighters
That's Graeme from GG Dartray and the Spoilers joining in

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