Georgia Straight Winners and Blabbers

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What would an awards show be without awards? Just a concert, right? While the off-the-wall performances were the highlight
of the evening, there was undoubtedly a lot of fun to be had by way of some eccentric Vancouver personalities. Our favorite
radio DJ's and some of our most outspoken musicians took to the stage to recognize the city's talent in a much cooler way
than most awards shows. Got comments? That's whats the guestbook is for.

John Donnelly kicks things off
Couple stars from Big Sound, the Vancouver-made music biz TV series
The classy nominees screen
The New Pornographers win!
MGB's Rich Priske looking really surprised his band won...
Blair Dobson, apparently MGB's newest member, takes credit(MDGSBK?)
Nardwuar the Human Serviette goes crowd-surfing
"Hi, uh, I'm Matthew Good, and I would like to thank..."
I'm sorry, who are those guys on stage again?
Honeysuckle Serontina (that's sayr-uhn-tee-nuh) take one home
Blair spent more time on stage than anyone else all night. Ain't he a vision?
The Smugglers, well-deserved, take a singles award
The Saddlesores' Pinto Cholo looking pretty at the end of the evening
Larry and Willy, CFOX's smashing duo
One last hurrah for Mr. Dobson! (Oh, there's Rich behind him again too...)

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