May 10 - The Nasty On (woohoo!) and 69 Duster

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My record-breaking 15-minute walk from the Purple Onion to the Penthouse got me there in time to catch the last song
of the Nasty On's set. Later on, I took in 69 Duster at the Marine Club, a comfy, crowded show.
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The Nasty On is LOUD
Despite only seeing 5 minutes of the set, it was probably the best thing I saw all NMW
Definitely one to look out for
69 Duster is based out of Toronto
Headed by ex-Images In Vogue-er, Dale Martindale
And also housing a fellow I've known for a couple years from another band
Their IndieBlast show attracted a lot of spectators
The tiny Marine Club was impenetrable

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