The Saga Closes : A Long, Twisted Ending


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The hind end of Orchid Highway's Naughty Weekend

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The event ended on a happy, ridiculously fun note. I began the day early with the 'anti-New Music West' show at the Railway Club - CBC Radio 3's alternative music webcast. The highlight? The Grapes of Wrath. After that, I went on a cross-town rampage again, taking in a blend of pop rock, glammed-up, punked-out rock, and blues rock. The Penthouse with the Saddlesores was again a great place to be, and the diminutive G-Note restaurant was dripping with catchy tunes all night. After the evening's official festivities were over with, I went to the same place pretty much everyone else went to catch some more music, friends, and drinks - the Artist Support Society (A.S.S.) where local eccentric popsters Orchid Highway were wrapping up a 48-hour session of writing, recording, filming, and nudity. They played a set at 2:00am, and the place was hopping for a few hours after the bars in town closed up. Many an appearance by local celebs, as well as that fellow who plays Michael Kelso on That 70's Show. Finally, I went home to sleep...

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