The Saga Begins : MasterAndy tackles Day 1


Spygirl, SuperJaded,
Lily Frost


Rosco P Coltrane, Peppersands

Nasty On,
69 Duster

Bloomsday, SuperGarage

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NMW this year was only slightly less fruitful in the amount of bands I saw, but then again, last year, Day 3 began at noon. On Day one this year, I managed to catch ten bands, as opposed to five on Day 1 last year. Not bad considering the lack of public transport to whisk me across town from Sonar to the Penthouse (a walk I took, I might add, in under fifteen minutes!). The range of bands and venues this day was astounding. From the mellow and sparse Purple Onion to the packed-and-relaxed Marine Club, to the hot-n-sweaty Penthouse, this day had it all and then some. By the time I hit home (the last time I would see home for almost three days), I was already burned out, but felt incredible.

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